Dr. Todd uses progressive cutting edge tools to achieve fast and lasting results. We also take it a big step further, and educate our clients on how to accelerate and maintain their results with self care tools and techniques at home.

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Manual Therapy

Combining cutting edge soft tissue techniques to fit your needs

Movement Optimization

Movement Optimization and Therapy

Mobility Workshops and Educational Products

Dr. Plutchok provides workshops, webinars, and corporate health education

Client Testimonials

Dr. Todd Plutchok is amazing. He is not your normal rack and crack DR. he does a different approach that has me feeling better then i ever have. If you are in the market for a new Chiropractor he’s your man!

Dan P, San Diego

I had pain in my elbow very bad.  The pain reduced my performance in everyday task, I couldn’t play golf. The treatment required several visits, but each visit made an improvement. Everyday it got easier to perform, and I can play golf again!

George H.

Dr. Todd gives 110% in his efforts to help his patients.  He helped me with a long standing back pain problem, and he uses an approach which is quite different than typical chiropractors.  And, he doesn’t try to sign you up for a prolonged period of appointments, what a relief!His care and integrity make him  someone I feel quite comfortable recommending to friends and family. Thank you doc!!

Steve B.


Healthy Hands

This video Doctor Todd gives you tools and techniques to treat your hands. People who use their hands for a...

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Do you have questions? I will make time to answer any questions you may have regarding our treatments and your condition. Write us any time with any question, you are always welcome!