Movement Optimization and Therapy

The body isn’t an accumulation of parts, it is a complex system of interdependent and independent tissues that work together to navigate through the demands of its environment.  Assessing and optimizing movement is a key to health and functionality.  Manual therapy is the software reset, movement is the software update.  Movement is the strongest medicine.

Certified SFMA: Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is a set of seven full-body movement tests evaluated and scored in patients experiencing pain. The assessment logically breaks down dysfunctional patterns pinpointing the root cause as a mobility problem or a stability/motor control problem. Depending on the results, manual therapies or corrective exercises will be used as treatment.

Certified IKN: Integrative Kinetic Neurology

Integrated Kinetic Neurology is a treatment approach that targets the brain-body connection and mobilizes the nervous system to promote positive change. This approach takes into consideration the body’s many systems and senses, instead of solely focusing on an injured part of the body.

Certified: The Running Clinic-Injury Prevention Program

This certification was developed using the most recent scientific evidence.  From diagnosis to treatment, including running gait analysis/retraining, detailed footwear analysis/prescription and appropriate load management, Dr. Todd applies his evidence-based learnings to your running.

Video Gait Analysis

Dr. Plutchok utilizes both in office and treadmill video gait analysis to assess running, jogging, and walking patterns that may be contributing to pain and dysfunction. Many aches and pains are only present with movement, and cannot be detected or diagnosed lying flat on a table. This dynamic assessment allows us to investigate further into what movements or imbalances may potentially be hurting or keeping you from healing. We can suggest drills, corrective exercises, footwear assessment, and if need be orthotics.

Certified NeuroKinetic Therapy: Level 1

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing. NeuroKinetic Therapy is both an assessment and treatment technique. NKT utilizes manual muscle testing to assess if a muscle is firing properly by itself or in coordination with other muscles. The protocol re-programs the dysfunctional routines stored in cerebellum. This allows the practitioner to treat the cause of dysfunction instead of the symptoms. Manual muscle testing is combined with whatever release technique the therapist already utilizes in their practice.

Certified Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation: Level 1& 2

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation is a method of exercising and strengthening the Nervous System. This is done by incorporating neurological activation, physical mobilization, and laser light therapy (LLT). Using a patented system of evaluation and correction, we find hidden neurological weaknesses in the body. Specific techniques allow us to activate the nervous system’s innate healing power so that the body can heal itself. A Quantum Neurologist is trained in finding the Neurological Expression Pattern caused by each injury, illness, or condition. Only the nerves that are not performing properly are rehabilitated. This process allows the Quantum Neurologist to customize a rehabilitation protocol that is unique for each patient and their goals