Most Doctors preach prevention after you are sitting in their office.
Dr. Todd Plutchok takes a more proactive approach with educational workshops.

Dr. Plutchok has been providing mobility workshops to corporate clientele, gyms, academia, running clubs, and organizations. These interactive workshops have been well received and consistent positive feedback that it has been “useful, educational, fun and empowering.” The workshops can accommodate groups large and small.

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The most popular workshop is the mobility workshop. Dr. Todd can provide up to 30-40 foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and other mobility tools, bringing them onsite. Mobility is like “brushing and flossing” for your tissues and joints. Workshops can be catered to the physical demands and are great for addressing repetitive strain injuries, biomechanics, and help regain and maintain functionality. Workshops are typically between 30-60 minutes. For large groups, multiple workshops can be scheduled.